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In this powerful book, Apostle Debbie outline the importance of
persevering in prayer. She says “faint-heartedness or weakness in prayer
can cause you to come under demonic oppression.
It gives a foothold to the enemy and he is then able to carry out his
mission against you without any opposition from your end. When you
pray, there is a hedge of protection or covering that surrounds you that
the enemy and his demonic forces cannot penetrate.
No matter how much he tries to destroy you, your prayers cover you from
his attacks. In a way, prayer is like a shield that soldiers of old carried onto
the battlefield to protect them from the arrows from their enemy.
In the same way, when the enemy fires his flaming missiles at us, our
prayer shield goes up and the enemy’s arrows boomerang back to him.”
  The prayers in this book are missiles ready to be launched into the
enemy’s camp for those who desire victory in their lives!

Avenge me of my adversary

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