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Quotes You just don't know what you have done to my life through these daily word lessons. My life is not the same. I have decided to look forward and not to worry any longer. God bless DBMI. Quotes
Blessed by Daily Word

Quotes Dear Apostle, To God be the glory! I wanted to testify the goodness of God. On January 15, 2011, you asked us during a Sunday's service to list the things we want God to perform in our life this year. One of the thing on my wish list was that my sister gets married. Praise the Lord, it came to pass. She got married in December 2011 by the grace of God. I was also believing God for a free ticket to visit my parents in December. This also came to pass. A friend of mine bought a round ticket for me. This ticket was a supernatural gift. I thank God for your life. Thank you so much for your prayers. My life has changed since I joined your ministry. Because of my connection to you, the lives of my family members are changing. May God enlarge your territory and crown you with his blessings and favors. You will flourish as a palm tree as God promises us in Psalm 92:12. Amen. I love you. Quotes
God's favor

Quotes Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ apostle. I have a praise report! I just received a Final Notice from Prudential stating that they conducted a review of outstanding or uncashed checks and they found that i have an uncashed $568.94 check from 03/15/2011. I do not recall receiving such a check because i most certainly would have cashed it, but I just praise God for this blessing. I am so thankful that now, because Christ has delivered and set me free from those fetters that had me bound, no one can siphon or block me from receiving what is rightfully mine. Glory be to God. I am surely walking in victory in Christ Jesus. Thanks to your teaching on Saturday i will be sure to make sure that i do not rob God. I will be sure to pay my tithe when I receive the check. God bless you and your family and your ministry workers. Quotes
Unexpected Income

Quotes Dear Apostle Banda, Thank you very much indeed for the Prayer Mantles you have blessed us with. We received them today. Thank you too for the anointing oil which we are using and seeing God move in ways we have never seen before in our lives. The Lord has also opened wide the door for that business property to be released soon because we are now negotiating the terms of agreement. To God we give all the glory! Apostle, Thank you. Quotes
To God be the glory for open doors!

Quotes Dear Apostle Debbie, I'm standing on psalm 61:5; To God be the glory. I would like to thank God for everything He has done, He is doing and He is about to do, not only for me but also for my family. I thank you for your teachings and coaching. With your help, I was able to pay off my loan!! I am happy to declare that I'm debt free in 2012. To God be the glory. I'm sowing US$100 into your life as a thanksgiving to the Lord for you and for your ministry. May Almighty God continue enlarging your ministry and keep increasing the anointing over you. Be blessed. Quotes
Debt Free in 2012

Quotes I am writing to thank you for coming over to Dallas. Thank you for all the hard work. We felt very honored to have you with us for all those days. I have a testimony !!! It was a miracle that my husband was able to come for healing and deliverance on Saturday as he was supposed to be working. So at work they let him leave and the doctor gave him some injection in the eye and said it was bleeding inside. The doctor gave him four days off duty and that was how I managed to bring all my family for the healing. God himself did it. I gave him all the glory. I believe that was his day to be healed of all his health problems as it was God himself who made it possible. I was so happy my whole family was delivered in one way or another. That is my daughters , son in the UK and self. I thank God for making you his vessel and allowing him to use you. May God bless you. Once again thank you. Quotes
Husband healed during healing school Dallas

Quotes I had an amazing weekend. I thank God for everything. As you already know, I had TB and I was on medical leave and every 2 weeks they tested my sputum to make sure it was negative. The health department said my test had to be negative before I could go to work and also to make sure the medication was working. About 10 days ago they took my sputum sample and usually the results are back within 3 days but this one took unusually long, I kept calling them and they kept telling me it was not ready. So I decided to go to Dallas and not worry about the results until I came back. You prayed for my deliverance from spirit of infirmity and you prayed for my healing and God heard. I called them yesterday to ask for my results. My nurse called me back about half an hour later to tell me the test came back negative!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have TB!!! It cleared!!! I could not contain my joy. So now I can go back to work after the doctor evaluates me this Friday. My body lined up with the word of God!! Quotes
Healed during healing School in Dallas

Quotes I just want to express my gratitude for the Word over the weekend and also for you and your team for driving all the way to bless us. It was refreshing and I have already heard a powerful testimony - God is at work!!!!!! Those who have ears have heard! May God continue to richly bless you. Quotes
Blessed at Dallas Conference - January 2012

Quotes Hello Apostle, I hope you're blessed and highly favored. I am amazed at how God is just moving in my life and the favor that I am experiencing. I had a debt of about $1120 that I had accumulated and God managed to provide the money to pay off the person I owed. The person decided to take $120 and said to consider the rest cancelled. I praise God truly! Quotes
Debt Cancelled

Quotes I love this message. After reading the message I felt all my burdens lifted up and right now feeling the presence of God amidst all things. Thank you so much for your ministry. I pray God will continue to use you as His vessel to reach out to more people. Quotes
Blessed by Daily Word of February 16, 2012