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Quotes Apostle Debbie and the Team, Greetings in the name of Jesus. This morning I am very excited to inform you that I am reading the Strategic Prayer Points for Spritual Warfare that was send to me by your Ministries on 19th May 2010, exactly two years ago. These prayers transformed my life in a great way, I believe God blessed me in many areas of my life as a result of praying these strong prayers, and I will forever be grateful. I would like you to join me as I am praying these Strategic Prayers this week, so that God can shower all of us with more blessings in areas where it is needed. May God bless Debbie Banda Ministries to continue touching people's lifes! Sophia Quotes
Strategic Prayer Points for Spritual Warfare , Day 1 - 5

Quotes Goodmorning Apostle, I just want to take my time and thank God for you and your ministry. Trust me everytime I go somewhere I tell people about your ministry and the prayerline. The prayerline is changing alot of things in my life, I will never be the same. Thank you so much for the daily word and prayerline.May God continue to bless you accordingly to his riches in glory. Blessed with every word that comes from your mouth. Quotes

Quotes Dear Apostle Debbie, I was so happy to be back in Church, thank you very much for the warm welcoming and prayers. I do not know if you remember last year when I was supposed to go to Abidjan and you could not release me because you were seeing me involved in an accident in a silver Mercedes with my aunt. So when I came this time, ( she is my favorite aunt so I called her as soon as I arrived, and she came to pick me up, she does not like to have a driver, so she is driving herself) anyway so she came with a Mercedes, but a chocolate/ burgundy color...and I did not pay attention too much about the color, because we started talking, but as I was remembering what you told me in DC I made a prayer. Then I asked her, "but where this new Mercedes is coming from? It is not the same color you had, you previous Mercedes was silver isn't it?" And she answered me that she had to change it because she had an accident! I was so in shocked!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your prophetic words. God bless Quotes
Sister Cynthia
Confirmation of prophetic word

Quotes Apostle, I am still having goose bumps about that Malawi prophecy but Apostle I told you you were specific about my family's' green cards you gave a date of September and it came to pass!!! we went to interview Sept 9th cards were issued Sept 13.I never said anything to anyone i just took it and ran with it and encouraged my husband to move fast and do what we needed to do, we went to "our"attorney and he said its impossible and would only take a "miracle" but if we wanted to waste our money he will go ahead and file it for us .He even took our contract and changed it to highlight the disclaimer that we are doing it at our own risk.My husband said if this man who does not even know God like we do has said it will take a miracle , we are going for it !!!! It gets even better 2 Chronicles 20:20!! Quotes
Dallas, Texas

Quotes Apostle Debbie, I have had tears of joy the whole day. I thank you for making me to have a relationship with God. I believed in Him and today I saw his greatness. He moved mountains. Gave me amazing Favor which I can not even explain. Ge made ways in the desert and in the wilderness. My lawyers firm said they have never had such a story. They actually thought I was going to be be deposited. Just last week they had given me an option to migrate to another country. God has His own plans. The doors were closed but He has opened His own doors. I give Him all the glory and I am so humbled. Thank you!! Love you. Quotes
S.T. M.
Favor confessions work!

Quotes Apostle Debbie, I want to send you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~"wave's " of Love to encouraged you to continue the Good Fight of Faith!! Thank you for being inspirational, when I know at times it was challenging to be inspirational! As Leaders such as yourself I admire the most about you "Your Tenacious Attitude in Prayer-Word -and Worship!! # Favor -Blessings & Increase # Fbi agent for the nations....#Deut 1:11. Quotes
Zenovdia Love
Ms.Zenovdia Love "Woww"

Quotes Thank you for your daily devotional, you have no idea what impact your devotionals have had on my life! God bless you. Quotes
Blessed by Daily Word

Quotes Hello Apostle !!! I am writing to thank you and all who work in your ministry who help you to function fully. Thank you for the prayers this week I receive all the declarations with thanks and praise for his Glory. Those prayers have been so powerful I still hear your voice praying for us. Surely the Holy Spirit is moving and performing miracles for us all behind the scenes. I believe we are all going to be blessed spiritually ,physically, emotionally, health and financially. I felt all my burdens being lifted from my life as you prayed. I expect unlimited favor everyday from now on. May God continue to use you all the days of your life. Once again thank you and God bless you. Quotes
Thank you for your prayers!

Quotes Apostle Debbie, I thank God for you! That was more than powerful!I can not put in words what took place during that service!It was something to be experienced.It was a NOW moment!Either you were there to experience it or you totally missed out.I thank God for my appointed time for deliverance and to receive my blessing! Anointed woman of God,you are so amazing!I am so sure when God looks down at you He is permanently smiling.He created you for what you are doing and you sure ain't letting God down.You are truly one of a kind.You are in a class of your own.I just can't stop loving you! I thank God for the divine connection. Do the people of Maryland know how blessed they are to have you??!!I wish you would share with them my email.It is such a privilege to soak in that anointing.Just being in your presence is a blessing in itself. May you grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon and May you not grow weary in doing what God called you to do for in due time you shall reap benefits. Quotes
Blessed by overnight prayer service

Quotes Apostle Debbie, You are a true prophet of God indeed. I am amazed at how accurate your prophetic word always is. You have spoken into my life several times and each time you speak a word over me it comes to pass at precisely the time you mentioned or it is something happening in my life at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to teach us the word of God with simplicity and understanding on the prayerline every morning. I know that it is a sacrifice, but I trust the Lord is taking note of it all. You are truly a blessing and I am so very blessed and humbled to be connected to such an anointed vessel as yourself. May God continue to increase you more and more and may He enlarge your territory! I love you Apostle Debbie! Quotes
Blessed by prophetic word